Why Does Inflammation Occur with a Vein Condition? [VIDEO]


In today's blog, we're talking all about inflammation and vein conditions. One thing most people don't recognize is that inflammation forms the basis of the majority of vein condition symptoms. It's something I see in patients every single day. In fact, it's the reason they are coming to see us, they just don't know it. So, why do people with a vein condition get inflammation? 

Vein Conditions & Inflammation 

The reason almost every patient with a vein condition has inflammation is due to the body's response to a disruption of the normal function of the body. Now, the particular problem with a vein condition is that the blood doesn't flow properly in the legs, which leads to the blood pooling and becoming stagnant. This triggers the cells of the body to react with inflammation - they just don't know any better. It's their way of dealing with any kind of health change. 

As a result of this inflammation, the cells produce small chemicals that can cause irritation and decrease your energy levels. Watch the video below as I talk more in-depth about the body's response to vein conditions and inflammation:

Feeling exhausted and fatigued are the main symptoms of a vein condition that we see. However, the fatigue has a very specific quality, which is that it doesn't hit till the end of the day. This occurs because it takes all day for the stagnant blood to have an effect on the inflammation. Fatigue due to other causes like poor sleep and heart failure is present all day long, not just at the end of the day. 

So, if you have fatigue primarily at end of the day and your legs or feet bother you, it's highly likely that it's related to a vein condition. If this sounds like you and you're questioning whether you have a vein condition, schedule a free vein screening. From there, we can address the issues you're facing and get your energy levels back up!


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