Is My Vein Circulation Preventing Me From Losing Weight?

Is My Vein Circulation Preventing Me From Losing Weight?

One of the most common personal goals that people set for themselves is weight loss. As we age, this goal can become increasingly difficult. If you are wanting to shed extra pounds and create a healthier lifestyle for yourself but are having trouble doing so, check and see if you are suffering from any of the symptoms of a vein condition. Vein circulation issues can make weight loss more difficult than it should be. Here's why. 

The keys to weight loss are in monitoring your diet and participating in daily activities that burn calories. Sounds simple. When someone is suffering from a vein condition, however, it feels next to impossible. A vein condition frequently results in extreme fatigue, especially in the late afternoon and evening, as well as leg swelling and achiness. A person with a vein condition at the end of the day feels exhausted and has to sit down. They frequently elevate their legs to find relief. The problem with a vein condition is that people have a difficult time getting up and going after they stop to rest at the end of the day, and they don't burn as many calories. They may want to get up, but feel that it's too difficult. If they are able to get up, it's because they are forcing themselves. This ongoing lack of activity results in slow steady weight gain.

In this video, I explain the relationship between a vein circulation problem and weight gain in more detail: 


What Causes People with a Vein Condition to Have Trouble Losing Weight?

Many people mistakenly believe that since they don't have visible signs of a vein condition - spider veins or large ropey leg veins - that they don't have a vein condition. In fact, the number one symptom of people with a vein condition is fatigue. Fatigue, partnered with tired, achy, and swollen legs makes any kind of activityChecklist-of-invisible-signs-of-a-vein-condition all the more difficult. The lack of activity inevitably leads to weight gain.

From the perspective of a vein care specialist, fatigue that is worse in the evening and at night is almost always due to a vein condition. A vein condition is really slow or stagnant circulation with blood that pools in the lower legs. Fatigue is the body's inflammation response to stagnant blood. The good news is, it gets significantly better with treatment. 

People with these symptoms hurry home, sit down in a recliner, elevate their legs...and at that point, they will tell you they're done. Unable to get up to participate in any evening activities, much less exercise, is what causes a gradual weight gain. In my experience, patients will on average gain about 10-15 pounds a year when they get to this stage of a vein condition. 

What Can Be Done to Help? 

The good news is, vein conditions are very easily treated and patients feel relief usually within the first week after treatment. In fact, many of my patients describe feeling surprised at having more energy after treatments. Many are able to start a walking or exercise program to help with their health and weight goals. Patients are really excited when they see they actually are able to lose weight after treatment. 

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