Why Is Fatigue a Symptom of a Vein Condition? [VIDEO]

Most Common Causes of Fatigue

Think about your evening routine. Are you so fatigued in the evening that you come home after work and immediately find a recliner, with no energy to do normal activities like prepare dinner, help kids with homework or play with grandchildren? Is the evening the wort time for your fatigue? It's important to understand that end-of-day fatigue - the kind that prevents you from doing or enjoying normal activities...is not normal. It's often a symptom of an underlying vein condition. Here's why. 

A vein condition is the result of vein reflux. When you understand what causes vein reflux, it makes sense that fatigue would be a common result. Vein reflux simply means that you have poor circulation in your legs. Blood pools in your legs when it shouldn't, and the result is your body's inflammation response which,, with a vein condition, is most prominent in the evening. It's the inflammation that affects your body and makes you feel wiped out. 

In this video, I talk in more detail about a vein condition and why fatigue is such a common symptom - so common, in fact, that I see it in nearly every patient that I treat:

It may surprise you that fatigue is such a common indicator of a vein condition. I find that many people don't make the connection, but once they know that vein reflux is the culprit...it's good news! A vein condition is completely treatable! 

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If you are tired and feeling like you're missing out on evening activities with friends and family because of fatigue, a simple vein screening will rule out the connection between that and a vein condition. Once you know the cause, treatment can begin

Learn more with my free downloadable ebook: "Waking Up Rested: Overcoming Fatigue, Insomnia and Poor Sleep." To schedule your free vein screening, click here. We'll help you schedule an appointment, and get you on the road to more energy. 


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