Why Are My Legs Swollen?

Why Are My Legs Swollen

If you are suffering from swollen legs and you are curious to know the reason why, you are definitely not alone. Leg swelling is one of the most common symptoms we see here at our vein care clinic, and can often be accompanied by aching and fatigue. So, what really could be the issue here?

To start, there could be a number of reasons you are experiencing leg swelling. This blog discusses people who have a vein condition and leg swelling, what it's like and what can be done. Although most vein conditions are not life threatening, but do cause symptoms including swelling. Depending on the cause, swelling could also be your body signaling you of a different medical condition. For a more complete discussion, see our free ebook, "What are the Causes of Leg Swelling."  

Take a look at the video below as I dive further in detail to why you might be suffering from swollen legs:

So, if you are concerned for your health, comfort and safety due to leg swelling on a regular basis, there is no doubt that you should seek medical help. Your primary care doctor may be able to help sort out the cause if there are additional health concerns as a contributing factor, but may not be aware of the connection between leg swelling and a vein condition. If you are concerned that your leg swelling may be connected to a vein condition, pay attention to symptoms that almost always accompany leg swelling.

The presence of a vein condition leaves specific clues in your feet and legs. Pay attention, because leg swelling that is connected to a vein condition always has the following associations or clues:

  • Leg or Foot Symptoms: These include restless legs, leg cramps, leg aching, foot numbness/burning/stinging
  • General Fatigue: Fatigue is always present and is worse at the end of the day and evening.
  • Relief at Night: The swelling from a vein condition always goes away overnight.

If you have this pattern of leg swelling, it is highly likely you have a vein condition. Interestingly, most people who have a vein condition do NOT have visible veins, as the problem exists under the skin. To really understand the cause for your leg swelling, you need to request a vein reflux ultrasound to confirm the presence of a vein condition. And the good news is that vein treatment is extremely effective and well-tolerated. The vast majority of our patients see immediate improvement in their symptoms and swelling. 

So, don’t wait to seek help if you are suffering from swollen legs and notice the signs of a vein condition. Contact us today to set up your free vein screening! To learn more, download our free ebook "What are the Causes of Leg Swelling" for a more detailed explanation. 




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