Recognizing When is Fatigue NOT Normal? [VIDEO]

Is Fatigue Normal

We all experience fatigue at one point or another. Sometimes, it's after strenuous activity or a late night. Other times, however, it's a chronic condition that affects our ability to participate in daily activities. I see fatigue in my patients every day and know that it is a common symptom of a vein condition. In those cases, fatigue is not normal. In this video, I talk about recognizing the difference between normal and abnormal fatigue.

You may be struggling with fatigue and starting to accepting it as a fact of life, but it may not be normal. For that reason, it's extremely important for you to know when fatigue is the result of strenuous activity or a specific instance of pushing yourself harder than normal, and when it's a symptom of an underlying vein condition. 

There is a difference between normal fatigue and fatigue that is the result of an underlying medical condition. In this video, I'll explain the characteristics of normal and abnormal fatigue, and how to recognize the difference. 

If you're wondering if your fatigue is not normal and if something else could be done to improve it, a free vein screening is a simple step. It is an easy way to expose one of the most common medical causes for abnormal fatigue - an underlying problem with vein circulation. Once you know what the cause can get started on treatment. Nearly every patient I treat for a vein condition experienced abnormal fatigue when they came in, and immediately after treatment, fatigue improves or resolves completely.

For more information on fatigue, my ebook: "Waking Up Rested: How to Overcome Fatigue, Insomnia and Poor Sleep" is a free resource you can download. To access this ebook for yourself, click here or on the link below.

If you want to rule out the possibility of a vein condition, schedule your free screening today. 

Bottom line, you have things to do and people who need you. If you're tired all the time and struggling to get by, we're here to help get you back on the road to living your best life. 


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