FAQ: Burning & Stinging Legs and Feet


When I see patients, I often receive questions regarding their experience suffering from burning and stinging in their legs and feet. This is actually a very common issue we see in many individuals that visit our clinics. These, like many other unpleasant and restricting symptoms that we have discussed in our blog, are very often caused by a vein circulation issue. It can be both scary and frustrating to be dealing with these symptoms in your day-to-day life, especially when you don't know the exact source or cause for them, or how to treat them.

In the video below, I go into more detail about these specific symptoms, and what might be causing them:


What is the Cause of Burning and Stinging Symptoms?

As mentioned, if you are suffering from burning and stinging in your legs and feet, it may be due to a vein circulation issue. But what exactly happens in the body for this burning and stinging to occur? First, when youLeg-Pain-Symptoms-Causes-Treatments have a vein circulation issue, stagnant blood collects in your veins, which leads to inflammation in the leg veins. Then, the inflammation in the tissues irritates the skin nerves, and that is what results in extremely unpleasant burning and stinging in the leg area. There are many causes of burning and stinging, but when it's due to a vein cause, the symptoms are always worse or more prominent in the evening or night. If this is your pattern, it is almost certainly from a vein circulation problem in the veins under the skin.

What Should I do if I am Experiencing These Symptoms?

The good news is that if you are experiencing burning and stinging in your legs or feet, most patients experience dramatic improvement or complete resolution after vein treatment. From my years of experience helping patients, if I determine that your symptoms follow the typical pattern of a vein condition, treatments will definitely help you. The easiest next step is a free vein screening to sort out if your symptoms are related to a vein condition. 


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